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Having a science background my mind often gravitates towards litmus tests. I find myself looking for “proof”. As we pursue God what will the outcome be? What is the proof? I believe the root of the theory will be salvation and sanctification. One leads to the other through faith we are saved but it doesn’t end there. Sanctification is our faith and salvation exposed in our daily lives. It is the action from the stimulus. Jesus makes this process very clear. He gives us a road map. There are 2 steps and 1 consequence/negative response.

  1. Love God (John 3:16)

  2. Love people (even imperfect people) (John 3:16)

One saves and the other grows us closer to being like God. If we choose not to, Revelation 3:16 makes it pretty clear what salvation without sanctification does to God! Pursuing God is loving God and living that love out by loving His favorite creation.

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