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My Gaze Affixed

Yes, You have tenderly brought to light whom I truly am to reflect as; the Groom holds my gaze, and the periphery has vanished asunder... and my longings are for Him alone! No niceties allure the gaze that holds me firm; Beloved’s answered me, and assault has come to naught. I see the thread of Your revelation in living out, speaking of, and standing in the promises that stand, as You Lord are everlasting! I look out to meet Your gaze and know Your pleasure. To know You is to glean into the depths of delights profound, and then share of such marvels with thee.

Song of Songs 1:12-14 TPT

As the king surrounded me at his table, the sweet fragrance of my praise perfume awakened the night. 13 A sachet of myrrh is my lover, like a tied-up bundle of myrrh resting over my heart. 14 He is like a bouquet of henna blossoms— henna plucked near the vines at the fountain of the Lamb. I will hold him and never let him part.

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