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Wheelbarrow Faith Part 1

I believe faith is often a choice. The Bible tells us that all believers have been given a measure of faith. You can proclaim faith in God but do you exhibit it in life. For example, there is an old story about “the veteran tightrope walker who, after demonstrating he could push a wheelbarrow filled with sand across Niagara Falls on a tightrope and the people applauded his stunning ability, asked for a volunteer. No one in the spectating crowd moved. Finally, a little old man in the back raised his hand, stepped forward, and offered, ‘I’ve seen what you’ve done, and I’ve heard what you’ve said. I believe you can push me across, so I’ll do it.’”

Everyone in the crowd held their breath and strained to watch as the wheelbarrow was rolled over the falls…and back again. On the final return, the roar of the crowd was deafening as the old man emerged from the wheelbarrow. The acrobat gallantly bowed, saluted, smiled broadly and said, “Thank you, sir, for your faith in me.” The summary for that story is that while everyone in the crowd had said they believed the tightrope walked could carry a man across the falls in his wheelbarrow, only the little old man demonstrated real faith by climbing into the wheelbarrow.. Faith is more than just words, rituals or going to church. It’s more than “religion”. Real faith backs up words with actions or it is not real faith.

As Christians, we make decisions all the time; from the time we said yes to Jesus, our faith grows. Some grow up very quickly when it comes to faith and for others, like me, it has developed over a period of time. To be honest, He is not done with me yet! All we can do is make one decision at a time and believe that what God says is truth. But we have to start.

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