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Wheelbarrow Faith Part 2

Daniel is an excellent example when it comes to “wheelbarrow faith”. He was taken from his homeland in the first deportation to Babylon. He was put into a group of the most intelligent, gifted, capable and handsome young men. When he gets there, he goes into a three year “brain washing” regimen. He can do nothing about the change in his Hebrew name and he was also stripped of his masculinity. Most scholars believe Daniel became eunuch because his supervisor was in charge of eunuchs (Daniel 1:30).

Now, he is ordered to eat the food the king ordered knowing that it would be food offered to idols. For him, this would be like denying his God. He determined not to defile himself this way. When he made his request to Ashpenaz, it was like climbing into that wheelbarrow. If he had been turned down, he could tell God he tried his best but…Daniel did not back down! He finally was able to find someone who listened to him; he was able to secure “special food and drink” for himself and the other three friends. Daniel, by faith, put his life in the hands of God. God honored his faith and at the end of three years, the four men were found to be ten times better than all their advisors and professors. Daniel’s faith had to be strengthened and it grew.

Daniel put his faith in God’s hands so many times-giving King Nebuchadnezzar an interpretation to his dream. Years later, he did the same at the feast of Belechazzar and we all know the story of the lion’s den. Don’t forget the three men in the fiery furnace. I love the part in Daniel where the king’s advisors wanted to get rid of him and could find no fault except his faith in his God. So, after the men plot and trick the king, Daniel goes to his room, throws open the window and prays where all can see him. He did not waiver from praying three times a day. He was focused on his relationship with God. (Read the first seven chapter and ask the Lord to increase your faith.)

The Bible is full of examples of this “wheelbarrow faith”. Abram strikes out on a trip let only by God; Ruth Esther, Hannah and Deborah had great faith. Others can be found in Hebrews 11. Build your faith by reading about those who were not afraid to test their God. Most of us are not at that place yet, or at least we don’t feel we are. But, we don’t know until something major shakes us like a flood, a hurricane, an earthquake, loss of a job, loss of family or a terrible illness.

Let us all hope that the faith we have been “growing” will hold us in God’s hands. He promises to never leave us or forsake us. I like to say He is there on the mountain top, in the dry desert and in the valley…after all, the scriptures say He is my Shepherd and I shall not want. Psalm 23:1

(Suggestion: read Daniel’s Faith by Anne Graham Lotz published in 2016)

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