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There's An All Seeing Eye Watching You

Snow in April? It just happened here this 2019. It reminded me of a time when the weather was changing and huge ice cycles were forming everywhere. I was driving to town and I heard in my spirit to "look up". As I did I saw 6 foot ice cycles or larger hanging from the power lines that I would soon pass under. As I passed under them the Holy Spirit said, "now look back". Looking in my rear view mirror, I saw those huge things hit the pavement and shatter. I knew that I had escaped a broken window shield, a dented car roof and possible injury. Then again the Holy Spirit spoke, "I let you see what I protected you from this time, but there are countless other times which you have not seen that I protected you". Since then I often pray these words as I close out my day, "thank you Father for this day, for your love, protection, your kindness and mercy.

Psalm 121:8 reads, The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in from now and for evermore. God has proved that to be true.

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