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As I was sitting on the bus recently coming home from a soccer match I had just coached, I passed by a lot of fields in which farmers were out planting, plowing, and preparing their fields for the rainy season so their crops would be prepared to receive it and grow. I began to quickly examine my own life as I thought about the rain. I long for the times that God rains down His blessings, His power, His grace, His presence, and I wondered if I had prepared myself receive them so I would be in a place to grow and bring a harvest for His kingdom.

We spend a lot of time in our daily life praying for opportunities and chances to be used for the Kingdom but have we prepared ourselves for when his glorious rain pours down? Are you willing to receive the rain and grow the harvest of the kingdom? That’s a tough question sometimes because we don’t always like where we were planted but that is not our decision to make.

In every season of life, God has us right where He wants us to grow. Seasons come and go and so does our placement in life. Be willing to be a worker wherever you are planted and keep yourself ready to receive the blessings and opportunities that rain down on you.

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