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I have vivid memories of growing up in my Mom and Dad’s home. I remember many things. I always felt safe there. I always felt wanted there. There were people there that God had hand-picked to care for me. They loved me and I knew it. They consistently showed how much they cared by the way they acted and the things that they did. My dad always knew how I was feeling and who I was deep inside. He saw things that others didn’t. No matter what I was going through or where I was emotionally, Dad knew and had me covered. I was not alone.

Similarly, Mom knows me. She loves me. We’ve always been close. And her care for me should be legendary. As a kid, If I was coming down with something, she’d notice long before I had a fever. She was always attentive. If she thought I was headed into trouble, she’d head it off at the pass. She just knew me. She still does. This kind of nurturing helped me to grow up strong, capable, and confident. That’s what home does for a person. I’ve always known where to run when trouble hits me, I run home.

So what does this have to do with anything? I mean devotionals are supposed to be about God and His will, right? At the time I’m writing this, we are in the middle of this Corona Virus mess. And right now it is very strongly being drummed into my spirit by the Holy Ghost that “NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO WANDER. Stay home where it’s safe.” I’ve never had the privilege of working with such a devoted group of ministers in my life. The Sanctuary of Hope is HOME. Please don’t be tempted to try feeding at any old table. Pastor Sam, Pastor Ruth, Pastor Dave and everyone down the line love us. Loves YOU. No radio prophet or TV evangelist is ever going to care for you the way that they do. With all my heart, I believe in the power of the local church (our church) to be family to people.

I have seen many restaurants over the years that claim to have the best home cooking in town. But you know where I’ve always found the best home cooking? At home. That’s where they know me. That’s where they love me. That’s where they’re thinking specifically of me while they prepare to feed me. The church should be no different. I challenge everyone today, right now. Grow closer as a church. Turn your devotions book around and pray fervently for everyone of the pastors that you see there. They have been covering us in prayer for years. Now more than ever, stick close to home. Feed there.

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