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The Rain is Coming

Are you waiting on the rain? Are you listening for the change in the wind? Are you aware of the weather in your walk today?

I just sit here and as we talk about a flood coming it comes to my mind and heart it starts with a drop of rain it starts with a change in the weather. I close my eyes the leaves are swirling the smell of the earth is rising to meet the rain as it falls from the heavens. In those moments you can look at the cloud you can look at the mud or you can stand in the awe of what God is doing.

The change of the weather seems to kill things but in the beauty of God he is restoring, renewing, transforming. How awe and inspiring. God loves us so much that even the earth goes through physical change to show life spring forth. The old man passes away but the new has come. In the valleys and on the mountains in the rain or the desert you can find God. He is in it all and all is in his timing and his wisdom for us to be renewed. He is the potter and we are the clay and in these moments of mud and rain I choose to see the beauty God is renewing, the life that is springing forth and the transformation that is to come. In all of this he is asking us to step out and watch his beauty unfold. He hasn’t forsaken us he hasn’t forgotten us in this moment the rain is bringing forth new life. I pray my brothers and sisters that today you come along side and step out to the Holy Ghost Rain that is falling and learn to dance and worship in this season.

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