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Psalm 42:6 “…My soul is downcast within me; therefore I will remember you from the land of Jordan, the heights of Hermon-from Mount Mizar.”

What grabbed my attention about this verse was two key points. David is downcast, so he does two important things. First, he puts his hope in the Lord, and second, he remembers.

We will have trials in this life, and in those, there will be times when it feels hopeless. It would seem that all is lost, and encouragement can not be easily found. However, our feelings are not always an indicator of truth. We cannot follow or trust them, we simply must follow God’s voice no matter how we feel.

So how did David turn hopelessness into hope? He placed all that he was, all he felt, all he did or did not understand, into the will of the Father. He trusted him, and he remembered His faithfulness. He recounted the times the Lord has brought him through, how he had done great miracles, and he encouraged himself in that truth.

When trials come we have a choice. We can believe our feelings, we can succumb to fear of the what if. Or, we can consider the faithfulness of the Lord. We can stand on His word and trust that He will work ALL things out for good, and we can hope. To hope means to “confidently expect”, trust and experience of God’s faithfulness will certainly produce confidence. Remember, and hope… and you will confidently expect God to work it out.

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