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How Well Do You Know the Password?

Well, it happened again today! I forgot a stinkin’ password. Lord, that’s frustrating. I was on my computer, attempting to get into a site that I caught glimpses of a few times in the past. Something had come up and I suddenly remembered that this site promised to take care of my problem. I remembered the name of the place and quickly found myself there. Only thing was… I couldn’t figure out how to get in. Like all things of any real value, this place was secure. I needed but had forgotten… the password.

I vaguely recalled that it was written down somewhere. So, I looked. I searched everywhere: my wallet, my desktop, my dresser, my filing cabinet. No luck. I couldn’t recall where it was written. Then I realized, “Hey! I’m not alone here. I’ll ask someone. So, I asked my wife. “Hey Tammy, do you remember how I’m supposed to get into this site?” “Nope” she said, “It’s your account. Why should I be responsible for your account? I’ve got enough to do taking care of my own stuff.” Finally, I just started trying random junk, hoping that I would get lucky and something would work. Nothing did. You all know what happens next: I found myself locked out.

The entire world is familiar with this scenario. We’ve all been there. We KNOW due to our past experiences how important passwords are. Therefore (if we’re wise), we keep multiple copies of them. We store them in secure places. We repeat them to ourselves until we know them intimately. We revisit them frequently and make sure they stay fresh in our minds. We don’t let anyone take them from us. There’s no overstating their importance when the time comes and we need them.

Here’s why passwords are the thought for the day: Your time is coming and Heaven has one. Someday (maybe when you least expect it) you will find yourself standing at the gate of paradise wanting to get in. Do you know The Way?

I know the password and it’s easy to remember. Here are the rules and hints to help you:

  1. The password starts with a ‘J’ and contains five letters

  2. When you feel like adding on to the password, complementary or worshipful adjectives such as ‘LORD, SAVIOR, BRIDEGROOM, and KING OF KINGS’ are all acceptable. Derogatory terms cannot be attached to the password. They won’t stick and will cause you to be kicked out of the site.

  3. PLEASE NOTE: Although popular, the following combinations of characters have been tried and do not work: Buddha, Mother Mary, Allah, St. Peter, or any variation of “but, I’m a good person.”

In all seriousness, I’m not trying to be silly or flippant here. I’m really not. We just frantically need to always get the point: Jesus. Pause for a few moments to repeat it to yourself… Jesus. Say it over and over again and keep saying it until you get it. The Word you need is JESUS. Store it away. Keep it someplace safe and intimate. Keep returning to it. Always know where it is.

Nothing else will ever gain access to Heaven. Period. There are no back-door ‘hacks’. Jesus already paid for our accounts (it was a one-time purchase, and He took care of it), but we must sign up and know the password to get in. What you’re looking for is JESUS. Pray and ask God to plant Him so deeply and firmly in you that He becomes that part of who you that can never be lost. Remember…… Jesus.

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