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How Should We Look At the World Around Us Part 1

How Will Really Be Divided?

If we look around us, it is easy to see that we live in a divided, separating world. Cultural wars abound and people are pulling apart. Socially distancing ourselves from others is NOT a new phenomenon. Male versus female. Young versus old. Rich versus poor. Liberal versus conservative. Black versus white. Why is this so? Because, there are those who profit from division. Therefore, the cultural divides that have always been are rapidly growing and strengthening in these end times. But what does the Bible have to say about these things?

The Apostle Paul (who was the most prolific doctrinal writer in the Bible) said that there were only two real groups in all of creation. There was the sinful group who were still living under the nature of the old man Adam. In case you don’t remember, he was the one who lived in the Garden of Eden. He blindly accepted the lies of the Devil, decided he’d be better off if he took charge of his own destiny, and he willingly sinned against God and rejected his innocent nature. Then Paul talked about the second Adam. This was the sinless man, Jesus Christ. He yielded to God (His Father) and He obeyed Him in all things. He was anointed and led by the Holy Ghost. He operated out of a Spirit of Love. He placed the needs of others first. He showed us who to be and how to live.

No matter what else we’re told, these two Adamic natures are our only real choices. Paul told the followers in Galatia that in the eyes of God there was “neither rich nor poor, slave nor free, male nor female, Jew nor Greek.” Just look at it, folks. The ultimate decisions that God makes about our eternity will not be based on gender. Socio-economics will not come into play and neither will our cultural backgrounds or biases. The only real choice is whether we embrace the sinless Adam (Jesus) to save us or we choose to remain dead in our old nature and try to tough it out using our own wits and power.

This is the only division that matters. Everything else is a smoke screen used by the Devil to drive us further into self-reliance. Let’s make the decision to rely on God’s Strength and Leading and nothing else.

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