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How Should We Look At The World Around Us Part 2

Bridging The Divide

The Devil, along with all other agents of evil, would have us believe that the problems of our divided world are insurmountable. Like all of Satan’s other proclamations, this is a lie. With a cross, God bridged the great divide. He didn’t owe it to us, it wasn’t our idea, and it cost Heaven far more than what we are worth. Nevertheless, The Lord Jesus, full of the Spirit and in total unity with the Father, bridged the divide. It wasn’t done in a spirit of arrogance. It wasn’t done from a sense of obligation. He was moved by compassion. Of all things that the Bible testifies about Jesus, this is probably my favorite phrase. Over and over again, the Bible says that when Jesus saw the needs of people “He was moved by compassion.” Stop. Re-read it. Let that thought sink in.

The Lord Jesus saw us. He knew what we were going through. His heart swelled with love and compassion. And….HE MOVED. This is God’s pattern for how he wants us to go through all of life’s interactions. In our country at this moment, Satan has us divided into camps. Some are screaming that Black Lives Matter. Some are screaming that White Lives Matter. Some are saying that All Lives matter (but for many of these, this is just a way to harden their hearts, side-step the problems, and avoid getting involved). The truth, God’s truth, is that He looks inwardly to the heart. If we fail to empathize by neglecting the loving and discerning power of the Holy Ghost, no matter how pure we feel our intentions are, our results will fall short. Souls do not have a color. Under the law of Christ, our obligation is to see the needs of others (regardless of race), love them as He does, and be moved by this compassion toward them regardless of whether they are right or wrong. “But for the Grace of God, There Go I.” Embrace this spirit. Live it.

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