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How Should We Look At The World Around Us Part 3

Bridging The Divide Continued

We live in a modern age that is quickly falling more and more in line with Satan’s agenda and his lines of thought. Not all pathways and journeys lead to Heaven. This is heresy. And NO….We are not all God’s children. Be careful that in our urge to help others we are not deceived by the pluralistic, all-inclusive ways of the antichrist. The world is full of people who are not God’s Children. They have never accepted the “Spirit of Adoption whereby we cry ABBA, Father.” The Holy Ghost has been strongly reminding me that while reaching out to the social causes of the world, we must never blur or cheapen the redemption of the cross or the need for the altar where we put ourselves to death. However, while it’s true that we are not all God’s children, we are all His sheep and His coins.

Jesus told the parable of a good shepherd that had a lost sheep. It wasn’t the shepherd’s fault; this sheep had simply wandered away. The Good Shepherd then left 99 sheep to go save that 1. Those who resist helping others by saying “It’s not my problem that they’re this way” are going against the Spirit of Christ. Similarly, Jesus told the parable of the one who lost a gold coin and cleaned out the whole house in order to find it. The greatest truth that we can know is that the God of all things deals in the currency of people. We are his coinage. There is all this talk about sowing and reaping in the Kingdom of God. The Bible teaches that God is the sower (Jesus was the precious seed that was planted) and that He expects an incredible interest rate in the return of human souls.

So, through the power of Christ, bridge the divide. See people for their souls, not their color, age, wealth or cultural beliefs. Now is the time to see more, love more, pray more, help more. Intervene. If we simply protest the injustices of this world, we will not do much. Through the power of the Holy Ghost, now is the time to raise up the banner of Christ who died for all. Let’s allow the Love of God which lies within us to be stirred by the Holy Ghost, and then like Christ, Move with Compassion.

Lift up the broken hearted. Free those who are bound. Proclaim God’s liberty and acceptance for all who will yield and believe. Every advancement in human history has occurred when people who yield to Christ’s agenda set themselves aside to move in His name. Let’s move in Jesus’ name and have compassion for those who are lost or hurting.

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