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The Writings on the Wall

This last year the restoration group had written on the wall in the prayer room that the choir uses. There were sins and scriptures written on the wall. The plan was to tear that wall down to make a bigger room for restoration group. They eventually decided to keep the wall up and move them to the “dining room” which if you think about it, is fitting because we are feeding them by words and food.

That being said, the words have now been painted over and we went about our lives. We would come and go in the prayer room, praying and seeking Him. In our prayer meeting we were told to pray, there is the word “pride” that keeps bleeding through on the wall no matter how much it’s painted over. Marda and I tried to find it a week ago to no avail.

Today we walked in and looked the wall over again and there in the far right corner staring back at me slowly bleeding through was the word “pride.” Now how often do we go and pray in the room and continue to look right past it? Now, when I stand back from the wall, I can’t see it.

Then the Lord showed me he is showing us the word for us to pray over, for us to break that chain, for us to rip it out of our church. How long have we sat in that room and the enemy was in our midst. It’s not time to be religious it’s time to be on our knees and praying for that sin to be gone from our lives, our church, our home! It’s not by accident that this is coming through. It’s not by accident that God shows us that it can seem invisible and it can try to hide in the walls but Jesus will bring it to light.

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