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The Fall

In Genesis 3 you can read about “The Fall” and see how Adam and Eve responded to stumbling. Eve was deceived by the serpent and took Adam down with her by offering him the fruit. Their eyes were open and they sewed fig leaves for clothing. They heard the sound of God and hid. The beauty of this story is that God still provided after the stumble. He provided clothing for Adam and Eve.

Have you ever felt like Adam and Eve and hid from God? As humans when we stumble and fall, instead of running to the Father and asking for forgiveness and help, we see ourselves as imperfect. We see all the flaws just like Adam and Eve and we hid. We find fig leaves (excuses to cover ourselves up with) and then go into hiding. In hiding and isolation is where the enemy wants us because he can continue his deception and lies. When you find yourself in a pit, run to the Father as fast as you can. Take captive your thoughts and run. He will provide just like He did for Adam and Eve.

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