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The Chair

I often pass my chair in my room full of clothes and catch all. Do you have a place in your home? One that you pass every day but you tend to leave it untouched and untidied? When I do get around to cleaning the chair, I realize I have things that aren’t mine or things that have been thrown in the chair that I should have never put in it in the first place.

Sometimes I find that others tend to throw things in the chair and I don’t even realize it’s there. I have been praying into my past looking for the anchors that I planted from past hurt and past sin. And I realize that in the spiritual realm I have a chair that I have thrown some of these things and I can’t see them for the things that I have piled upon them. Off in the corner it sits and I walk past it daily and think oh yes I need to get that done but then life comes my way and I tend to leave the chair untouched.

Lord today give me the discipline to clean off “my chair” that needs to be cleaned and let me know that as I clean it off in the physical it will also remind me to clean it in the spiritual.

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