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The Ocean

We were praying and listening to music and in the midst of the song Peace be Still I found my spirit rocking and it made me feel almost like water slowly back and forth rocking. I opened my eyes and I’m on a beach right around dusk. I hear the water rushing in and out the ebb and flow. I look down barefoot feet making prints in the sand. More connected to the earth you placed me on.

I remember my kids being small and they were squealing and in awe of being at the beach. The water slowly reaches my toes, bit by bit the water is going higher. The peace that it brings to my soul and yet the small fear of knowing it can be dangerous. Lord this is what my soul feels when reaching for you. I feel the peace of being rocked back and forth knowing it’s you but also an awesome fear of knowing you are God. Any moment a wave could overtake me but having the faith to know you will keep me afloat and you will not leave me through peace and storms.

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