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As a High School coach, I am always looking for my players to show up every day with the same intensity and work ethic. We call it consistency. Those players who are not as consistent tend not to get put into the action as much, and when they do, they rarely produce positive results. We have a heavenly Father who is looking for players on his team that are consistent. He set a fantastic example for us to live by, Hebrews 13:8 lays it out for us.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forevermore.”

How consistent are we? How often does our “coach” give us the tough assignments because he knows we are his most consistent players? That question hits home with me and gets me thinking about whether I am the player on God's team that he wants to take the crucial play in the end, or am I going to be on the bench watching? Sure, I am still on the team, but I could be doing more. All-Stars certainly have their share of tough times, everyone on the other team always has a target on the best players, so when you face tough times and trials come your way, rest assured the enemy knows your name. Keep working hard and build your skills on God's team with your Bible study and quiet time with God.

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