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Modern Warfare Armor of God

For the last few years on a daily basis, in the morning before I get out of bed and in the evening before sleep. I have “Religiously and Faithfully” recited I cover myself with the Blood of Jesus and the Armor of God….”I shod my feet, I gird my loins….etc., I realize somehow that we are in perilous times, and I am often warning my young friends, “don’t forget to put on your armor”. The other morning, I heard a voice in my head asking me. “What are you asking for?” and a realization came upon me if I went into a modern battlefield dressed like a knight in Paul’s time it would be like carrying a knife to a gun fight I would be dead in minutes. The spirit behind the word jumped out at me, as Pastor Sam says the word is living……..Johnny Minick had taught about knowledge doubling at an increasing rate, it feels to me that everything is heading toward us at a faster rate and Pastor Sam has mentioned how bored he would be to have lived in Paul’s time everything was so slow, and that we were created for such a time as this. So the Armor of God has to be different for such a time.

  1. I shod my feet. Probably Combat boots today, but still with the Gospel of Peace.

  2. I Gird my loins….I actually had to look that up so I should be ashamed of religiously parroting something I didn’t quite understand, but I see it at least for me to be getting rid of excess baggage that would inhibit my movement in the Spirit and to be prepared for battle.

  3. The Belt of Truth for today’s modern warfare might need hand grenades, and bullets and K-rations, “Kingdom Rations” the Blood and Body of Christ in Communion to sustain me on the battlefield.

  4. The Helmet of Salvation. A soldier today would have night vision goggles (discernment), a communication device including an ear piece and a mouthpiece in direct communication with, The Commander in Chief (Jesus), and maybe a gas mask, for let’s face it the enemy stinks.

  5. The Breastplate of Righteousness. Today it would need to be more than arrow proof it needs to be bulletproof.

  6. The Shield of Hope and Faith. I saw a vision of a “swat team” breaching a compound.

The man in front carries a bullet proof shield, and the others fall in behind and there are snipers and spotters surrounding them. The unity of the church is “IMPERATIVE” for our shields, to be fully activated. We must fall into our place and back up the one leading the charge. Each and every part of the military movement is needed, but for it to work we must be of one accord. There are several outreaches and actions going out in The Sanctuary of Hope and we can fall into rank and file and support the charge. Don’t let them lead the charge alone. I personally would prefer to be somewhere in the middle of the whole thing not leading and not the rear guard, but in the days to come we will all be taking up our shields and moving forward in our workplaces, our neighborhoods, families, our own little skirmishes etc. We all need the unity of the church to back us. We cannot isolate ourselves in these days that are coming.

  1. The Sword of Holy Spirit. Today on a modern battlefield, against modern weapons. I personally would feel a whole lot safer with an assault rifle, with a laser pointer, and in tribute to The Apostle Paul’s mention of a sword (and I had to look the term up I was calling it “the pointy thing on the end of a rifle”), a bayonet on the shaft for possible up close and personal warfare.

I saw a vision of “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” as he charged on horseback through the streets shouting “Wake Up, Wake Up. The British are coming!” Also the Marines Motto “Leave no man Behind.” Do not be left behind, do not be lukewarm,Wake Up! Take your place. This is the Midnight Cry. A few years back I wrote a song “The Remnant Church” here are a few lyrics;

I put my ear to Your Heart Lord, I hear it beating like a drum.

There are wars and rumors of wars, Revelation has begun

There will be no more hiding, it’s time for us to make a stand.

Your army is arising, and the hour is at hand.

Rise up all Ye’ citizens of Earth We are The Remnant Church

Rise up all Ye’ citizens of Earth We are The Remnant Church

We are, we are, we are…..The Remnant Church

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