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We recently had a unit in the youth group where we were talking about being in the Lord’s Army. And YES we played the old children’s church song for them. I am going to summarize it as I feel it is applicable to everyone, every day. I asked a series of questions such as: What are the requirements to be in the Lord’s Army? What weapons do we have? What battle fields do we face?, Who are we fighting against?... If we sit down and answer these questions even as adults it really helps us stay prepared.

I challenge you to study these questions and look up biblical answers to them. As a soldier in any army you try to gain as much information about your enemy and your battle before you go into it, and you practice countless hours with your weapons. As a child of God and a member of the Lord’s Army how consistent are we with those things? Are we a weekend warrior or do we get on the front lines daily and fight. There are huge benefits to being prepared as a Child of God for know your enemy and where he may attack. Be prepared, study up, and fight the good fight!

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