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Be a Sipper Not a Gulper

In the prayer group Grambo spoke how someone had told the group she had someone tell her to be a sipper not a gulper. That raised the question to me am I a sipper or a gulper?

Often when you get a drink that you haven’t had for a long while we tend to gulp like we can’t get enough and before we know it we are to the bottom of the cup. Now think about this if we are so thirsty for God and we gulp are we truly tasting what we are taking in or are we slowly sipping and enjoying Gods presence, His word, His living water?

We tend to not think throughout our day of what we are doing when we gulp so fast we can’t taste the fruit of what we are actually taking in. We have a joke in our home. Me and my mother are very slow eaters but Devan can walk in and literally swallow his food so fast in a blink of an eye and we ask him “Did you even taste it?”!

How amazing that God can fit us together so closely knit and to be able to be right in front out of me and out of my lips. Am I even tasting what I am eating or taking in? Lord please forgive me for not seeing the places where I gulped your presence in and walked on in my day instead of sipping and enjoying you in every moment of my day.

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