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One of the most poplar things right now in our society is DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects.  In fact, there are Apps and websites that are set up for finding projects on literally thousands of topics.  We just recently completed a couple DIY projects ourselves at home and the ideas and directions were already made and planned out for us on one of these sites. 

Over 350 times in the Bible, there is a reference to an altar, and a majority of those references are of people who have been directed to build an altar of their own.  It is a Biblical DIY Project.  Moses, Abraham, Issac and many more, were instructed to build an altar, and as Christians today, an altar is something that we only think about as being at our physical church location.  When in reality we need to have a personal altar.  I am certainly not saying the altar at church is bad, but I know we need an altar on more than Sunday and Wednesday. 

We recently discussed in the Youth Group about how altars were centered around sacrifice in the Biblical times.  So, when we talked about the altar in our life it doesn’t have to be a physical place or structure, but rather a time in which we sacrifice our time, energy, thoughts, and everything we have to spend time to seek God in our life.  It is our conversation time, prayer time, thankful time, and the time in which we build upon our relationship with God.  So stop and think today, and ask yourself when was the last time you built an altar in your life?  Is it something you do daily, or just on “Church” days?  Find time every day to build an altar and spend some precious time seeking the face of God today!

Be Blessed,

Pastor Brandon Scott


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