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A Love That Cannot Be Shaken

Last week. Branson had some freezing rain followed by a small snow. I was taking Tammy to work and soon found myself in trouble. We couldn't make it up the icy hill that led to her place of employment. So, we decided to turn around and go back home. One small problem: we couldn't make it up the hill that led back home either. We tried to go up this big hill repeatedly only to spin out and slide sideways back down the hill. While we were trying to go up the hill, a school bus got stuck in the ice right behind us. There was no backtracking our steps now either.

I prayed for a few seconds and asked for wisdom. Something calmed in my spirit and I felt the LORD tell me: "You're safe right where you are but if you try to move, you won't be. Quit fighting and trying to force it. Just sit still and wait." Folks, sometimes it's hard to wait for help to come. But there we sat. I know the voice of the LORD and He said "Be Still." So we sat. I looked out the right windows and saw that the wheels on that side of the car were inches from sliding down into the ravine that we were next to.

Several people in jeeps, big trucks, and four-wheel drive vehicles flew up the hill and past us. Although we were tempted to move, I'd heard The LORD say "No. You're safe where you are." Hours later when the salt trucks and snow plows came through and we were finally freed up, God said to my spirit "Now you can go." As we made our way back home we saw most of the people who had passed us. They were in ditches, car wrecks and ravines. God saw further ahead than either they or I.

Many times in life we are self-reliant instead of God-reliant. Self-reliance is a very slippery slope. There are many things in life that look sturdy. I've had jobs, careers, relationships, talents, intellect and abilities that I thought could never be moved. One by one, I've felt these things be shaken or slide underneath my feet. I've found that what I thought was level ground was actually a steep hill with unseen black ice on it. I've spun my wheels and went nowhere. There's only one thing that I've ever found that truly gave good footing: The Love of God. His Love never shakes, crumbles, or moves around underneath you. You'll find that if you plant your feet on the Rock of Jesus and His love, you'll find good traction there. Don't be tempted to move forward under your own power. Let God direct your movement. He knows the path. HE IS THE PATH. Many will plunge forward under their own power. Don't follow them into the ditch. Only God sees what lies over the next hill. In the middle of the storm, God positioned us in a place of safety then told us not to move. His Love will offer us the same sure footing and protection in all areas of our life if we only allow it. Let's not trust in our own ability to spin our wheels and blunder forward. Move in God's timing and direction or don't move at all. It's slick out there.

Pastor Ed


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