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All Fear is Gone

A year has 365 days, and God wanted to give us a daily reminder of how we are to live a life free of fear. The phrase ‘fear not’ is listed in the Bible 365 times. Now I understand our human nature, there are a lot of things out there that we fear and respect. For some it is snakes, heights, and other dangerous situations. I believe it is ok to have a fear out of respect for those situations, but what I want to focus on today is walking in a spirit of fear.

A spirit of fear in your life only allows you to see the negative outcomes in situations, a glass half empty kind of approach. God wants us to walk in a boldness and a confidence; Ephesians 3:12 talks about how we have a boldness in us because of Jesus Christ and we are to walk in that. As we start walking in a confidence with Christ, we begin to see life differently. We begin to look at things different and see opportunities in life to bring the joy of Christ to situations and share the good news.

This is easier knowing that Christ sent his comforter the Holy Spirit to live and dwell within us and go where we go. We see many times and most commonly in Isaiah where we are told “Fear not for I am with you” in regard to situations in our lives. As Christians we should walk in this reassurance that our comforter and our Savior walk with us every step of our lives. If we went into a dark alley at night but we have a 6-foot 8-inch bodyguard walking right with us, our attitude and approach to the situation would be different. Then why is it we sometimes walk into situations and circumstances in our life with a spirit of fear, rather than the confidence we have of knowing the Jesus died and ascended to heaven to send us the Holy Spirit who walks and dwells within us.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Brandon


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