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Angels Sent to Help

It was a bright sunny day in Forsyth, MO.  When I got to work, I noticed that there were no cars around the courthouse.  Then I remembered it was “Juneteenth,” June 19th and they were closed.  There was no one around, no one stirring on the street.  I got out of the car, picked up an armful of files and started into the office.  I didn’t see the curb and went sprawling!!!  I couldn’t move as hard as I tried.  I started praying.  There was no one to help me. 


Then, all of a sudden, a white, 4 door pick-up truck stopped and big husky young man with blonde hair came running over to help me up.  I was so thankful.  Myra, my daughter, who has been around Forsyth for several years, told me that there is no one, with the description I gave her, in Forsyth.  I truly believe it was an angel sent by my Heavenly Father to help me.  I called Myra and she came and took me to the ER. I had both kneecaps broken and my left elbow.  No wonder I couldn’t get up.  Thank you, Jesus, that I didn’t have to stay sprawled out on the sidewalk any longer than I did.  God is so good to me!!!


And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him.  Luke 22:43

Marva Cox


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