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Be A Foundation

While talking in prayer group, Grambo kept saying I need your part, we need each other’s parts. This is how we learn to grow and to intertwine and receive revelations from ourselves and others. We must continue to be obedient and listen closely to the voice of God.

While she was talking the Lord told me on Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand. In that moment the Lord told me we must stand in the position he put us. We must be foundational in our church in our home in our job. And we MUST continue to check our foundations for cracks, water damage, shifting, and fault lines.  This for me has been hard I have shook. He then showed me us as a church laying down on these places people interlaced and some overlapping that we are ushering in these broken people into the church and they literally walk in on the backs of the saints that are holding the ground. And how we as a foundation is what will change our church, what will bring others in. But this was also a warning because He said we must stand where we are placed, we must endure the shaking and we must be obedient and we must , WE MUST check our foundations constantly not just for us but for others that are walking across our back into this church into this place that God has placed us and most importantly standing on his solid rock with his presence. 

I’ve got a song to sing, 

Amie Denning


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