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Brokenhearted (Part 3)

If you read the Bible you’ll find it’s full of examples of broken people, who made some messed up choices… becoming the message of the gospel. Tomorrow morning many believers will fill their churches, lift their hands in worship, amen the message and head out into the world. But will they change it? Will they see the church as a hospital instead of a country club? Will they go and snatch people from the fire of live and pull them into the hospital and pour the life changing love of Jesus all over them? Will they take people in their worst moment and instead of sneering, pull up a chair and extend a hand? If the Messiah doesn’t reject them, how dare we? On the contrary he is looking and calling because he is the good shepherd. My Jesus saves and delivers. He redeemed my life from the pit and crowned me with loving kindness and he asked me to go tell everyone I can that He’s looking to do the same for them as well. So, with a broken heart and a nudge from the Savior I moved tables. I needed those women to know Jesus doesn’t pass anyone by and sneer. I invited myself in, I listened and waited and took the judgmental views right along with them. But I wasn’t there to fit in, or to be concerned with what anyone thought but Jesus. I was there because the love of Jesus isn’t mine to keep but to share. They asked what I did for a living and that’s what I was there for. I got to tell them about the front row seat I get to behold Jesus turn someone’s life around. From jail, to Jesus.. story after story of people beyond hope, saved, healed and restored. I told them about our church, the outreach ministry and they looked at me in disbelief. They asked me if the church really let people like that come. Wow, what a painful indictment. That the church would let them come? Well, if the church owns a Bible and preaches out of it we should be searching the highways and byways for the whosoever. So yes, everyone is welcome. I invited them, gave them my number and left. I don’t know what will happen, but I know I got to share Jesus.


You’re not responsible for the outcome you’re responsible for the obedience and opportunity Jesus puts before you. One day, when this short life comes to an end, I’ll see Him face to face. I’ll see the one whose eyes burn like fire, his holiness and power unfathomable. Yet, his mercy for me so great my heart will only be able to express gratitude in tears. I’ll see the one who bled and died for me. I’ll see the one who loved me so much he interrupted my appointment with destruction and offered himself in my place. I don’t want to stand before him empty handed. So, to the Christian, I beg you to be like Christ, don’t talk about him, embody him. Follow Jesus to the tables he wants you to sit at and introduce him to your new friends. Pull up a chair, he will do the rest 


Pastor Natalie Snider


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