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Bumper Car Effect

I’ve told my grandchildren that life is often like those bumper car rides. You start out in one direction only to get a little bump and head another direction.

So, some of the lessons I’ve learned in life go something like this:

I start off working in Children’s church only to discover the lessons for the day end before the Pastor gets through with adult church. So, I learned to make up stories to keep the children occupied until adult church is finished.

Then I’m asked to fill in for speaker for Wednesday night service. Never having done that before, I quickly seek help from my artist husband. We come up with him doing a chalk drawing while I create a story to use that will coincide with his artwork. That opens up doors for a ministry of Pictures and Parables traveling to different areas and states.

Another bump and changing directions I’m asked to teach college and career. That’s funny. I’ve never been to college at that point but from there another bump leads to a change to young married class teacher. And that bump leads to online ministerial college credentials.

My secular life also finds bumps in my job career, from office work to watching an elderly legally blind lady which bumped me into doing care for those with Alzheimer’s. From filling in as church organist to becoming on site organist at a funeral home.

Nothing done in life is ever wasted. If you have God in your life, you will find “the steps of a righteous man, are ordered by the Lord”.

Edythe Stewart


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