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Complacency Can Cause a Fall

When you read Psalms 105: 23-45, the goodness of God is shown throughout the verses. It is a reminder that God chose Moses and Aaron to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. The Israelites lacked nothing because God provided bread from heaven, quail, and climate control with the cloud covering during the day and fire at night, but the Israelites found a way to become complacent and complain. God kept his promises, but the Israelites became complacent and fell to the enemy. The Israelites lost their praise and forgot where they came from and where God took them. When I read this in Psalms, I was reminded that even though God kept his promises, the Israelites were still left wondering because they were not dependent on God. Pastor has encouraged us to be dependent on God and put him as our priority so that we do not fall into the schemes of the enemy. The Israelites did not solely depend on God but still expected him to provide and give them more than quail and manna. I pray that complacency never trumps our dependency on God. We must constantly remind ourselves how God delivered us from our Egypt and never lose our praise and gratitude.

Pastor Kendra Scott


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