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David and Goliath Part 2

If David were to face Goliath on his own, without faith, I honestly don't believe that he would have defeated him. It was not the slingshot that defeated Goliath, it was not the stone, it wasn't even David. It was God through David that defeated the giant.

Maybe the reason that we fight battles that never seem to end is because we are trying to fight them in our own strength. We think that we have to fight alone. It is our battle so we are the only ones who can overcome it right? Wrong. The battle is not ours. Satan doesn't fight us because he's bored and has nothing else to do. He doesn't fight us because he hates us. Satan fights us because he hates God. He wants to destroy us because we belong to God, so he sends attacks our way. We are just pawns that the enemy uses to get back at God. This battle belongs to God and we cannot fight it without Him. I am beginning to realize this in my own battle.

The way to have victory over your giant isn't trying to fight it in your own strength, because our own strength will run out. We'll get tired and eventually give up. The way to have victory over our giant is to trust and believe that God is already fighting this battle for us and the thing about God is that He never loses a battle. He is victorious and He wants us to be too.


I can't fight this battle alone. I need your help and your strength. Help me to have faith in knowing that you are fighting for me. Help me to be encouraged in knowing that I already have victory over this giant through you. Draw me closer to you God and increase my faith in you. Help me to fight, knowing that you are protecting me. Forgive me God for not always believing that you are here with me. Amen.

Liberty Joy


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