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Don't Doubt It

How many times in our life have we said, “I doubt it” or “I doubt that to be true.” I know I have many times. It is especially true for things we have not seen. Some things are hard for us to believe if we have not experienced them for ourselves. This is what happened to Thomas in the Bible. He was one of the twelve disciples. When Jesus first appeared to the disciples, they told Thomas we have seen the Lord. He did not believe unless he was able to see the physical signs of his body. Do we have faith? Can we believe in things we have bot seen? Can we believe in things we have not seen?

Jesus said if we have just a small measure of faith, we can speak to a mountain and have it cast into the sea. The Bible says that later Jesus came and stood among them again. He told Thomas to see his hands and feet. Look at where the spar was put into his side. Jesus told him to stop doubting and believe. Because Thomas could see him ,e he called him Lord and my God. Jesus wants us to believe even when we have not seen. If you can do that he calls you blessed.

I want to be one who believes. I don’t want to be a doubter. I want Jesus to call me blessed. If you find yourself in darkness and you fell all alone, close your eyes. Pray and ask Jesus to become real in your life. Command the darkness to leave. When you open. Your eyes you will see Jesus. You will find he is standing beside you. He said he would never leave you. You will believe. There will be no doubt. You will be blessed!

Pastor Greg Scott


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