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Don't Stop

Rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer. Romans 12:12

Pastor Sam made a comment in his Fasting with Significance sermon, he said, “Don’t stop until you get everything He has for you.” Pastor Sam was talking about Hannah. She wanted her life to have significance for God. She wanted it so badly she didn’t stop praying until she received all that God had for her. As we keep looking closely at Hannah’s story, we discover that God blessed her with a child. How long had she prayed and persevered? I don’t know. Some think it could have been as long as nineteen years. What is significant is that Hannah kept pressing in and seeking God. Her ridicule and anguish began with her barrenness. It was compounded when Elkanah took Peninnah for a wife after years of Hannah being barren. Peninnah had children and didn’t let Hannah forget it. Peninnah used ordinary everyday activities that involved the children to use as a barb and hurtful comment to Hannah. Always reminding her of barrenness and not receiving what she was asking of God. But year after year, day after day, Hannah sought the Lord and put the request before Him. Just as a jeweler puts silver into fire and gold into a furnace, tribulation gives us strength. Hannah had spiritual strength. She refused to give up and built her hope on the blessings she knew God had for her.

John Bevere wrote an article about Pressing Into God. I think it is something we should explore. He states, “Many reach a comfort zone or plateau where they begin to maintain rather than press in. They set their personal standards by comparing themselves with others or by what they feel is adequate. At this point, they stop seeking God for who He is and begin to pursue the benefits of following Him. Hannah was certainly not in a comfort zone when she pushed away from the table and went to the temple to seek God. Her desire to receive a child was to have something of significance for God. It wasn’t for personal gain. God blessed her with a child. A child that she gave back to God for His service. Samuel was young when Hannah took him to the temple to live. He basically grew up in the temple. Hannah’s heart and motive was pure. She loved Samuel but she loved God more. God honored her perseverance and she went on to have more children. The Lord visited Hannah; and she conceived and gave birth to three sons and two daughters. And the boy Samuel grew before the Lord. 1 Samuel 1:21 (NASB)

What are you seeking God for in your life? Don’t allow the devil to lull you into a place of comfort with your relationship with God. Are you seeking God for the right reason, to bring glory to Him? Ask God to search your heart and expose any motive or desire that does not bring Him honor. Set your focus on the Holy Spirit moving in your life.

Bible Reading: Romans 12


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