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Faces of Dishonor

To be honest, I have struggled to define the faces of dishonor. Dishonor is the antonym or opposite of honor. One of the Ten Commandments is easy; honor your father and mother. So how do we dishonor parents? Some of the ways could be if we get in trouble with the law or getting caught up in addictions. But we dishonor others with our actions. These actions can dishonor family, friends, church, but most importantly God. Every action that we take that does not honor God, dishonors Him. So stealing, cheating, lying, addictions, all are faces of dishonor.

But the face is also so subtle that only you would know. If I am talking to someone and my mind wanders and I don’t give my full attention to that person, I am dishonoring them. 1 Corinthians 13:4-6 tells us that one of the things love is, is not dishonoring to others. So as I prayed on the faces of dishonor, I would have to say that the answer to the question is Gary’s. At some point during the day I have either said or done something to dishonor God.

Lord, my prayer today and every day is that I can face everything that comes my way with honor and not dishonor towards you.

Gary Elrod


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