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Fighting Battles God's Way Part 2

Several years ago, I was betrayed by someone at a job. I had done nothing wrong but lies were told. My name and reputation were slandered. My gut reaction was to want to respond strongly, vigorously. However, when things came to a head and the opportunity was there to respond, the Holy Ghost told me to be quiet. “SHH. Don’t say a word. I’ll handle this.” I was told in the spirit to quietly stand there and take it and then to tender my resignation and leave. Against my carnal fleshly nature, I held my temper, kept my mouth shut and quit.

Years have passed since that day. I have had little contact with anyone in that office since then. Little did I know that when I followed the prompting of the Holy Ghost and just left quietly and graciously (with my mouth shut) God began to work. As soon as I left, God began to deal with my former coworkers and others began to defend my name. The two people that were attacking me were soon seen through by everyone around. Without me raising a hand to defend my honor, God stepped in and others stepped up. If I had fought this myself, I would have made a huge mess of things.

As children of God, we are asked to fight the Devil, our culture, and the evil that surrounds us. However, we need to remember that while God asks us to help others with their battles, our battles belong to the LORD. Although it’s hard to do, if we only say what God directs us to say and we only move in His timing; He will keep us safe, He will direct our steps, and He will restore us in His flawless timing.

God will always fight for us if we let Him. Let’s purpose in our hearts to give everything to Him and to trust in Him.

God wants to help me. I think I’ll let Him.

Pastor Ed Brewer

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