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Forgiveness is a Choice

I can do all this through Him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

Forgiveness is a choice that you can make. So often we feel that we just can’t do it, but this is a lie that we get fed by Satan who wants us to hold onto our unforgiveness so that he can keep his footholds in our lives. If you are feeling that you can't forgive someone, remember that God wouldn’t ask you to do something that was impossible. He just isn’t like that!

Forgiveness is a choice that you make, not something you feel. It is only making that choice that enables emotional healing to begin. It may take time, but God can heal the deepest emotional pain. Choosing to be free from bitterness and alive in Christ will give you an opportunity to make that choice. Ask God for strength and courage to forgive when He asks you to. Remember He is a loving Father who only asks you to do what is best for you in creating a heart where bitterness has a difficult time penetrating into it.

Wouldn’t it be great to walk through life with a Teflon nonstick spiritual armor, where offenses slide off rather than stick as they are thrown at you daily? Building a heart that quickly resolves offenses is actually a very important aspect of walking with God. It is imperative that our hearts be ruled by a stronghold of compassion so we will react and see everyone – even our offenders – through the eyes of Jesus.

Much Grace,

Pastor Greg Volich


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