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Freedom to Put God First

This month we celebrated the 4th of July, our nation’s independence from Britain and the birth of our nation. My heart breaks for this country and the condition it is in and wonder if it will continue in the way it is going. This country was founded by men who place God squarely in the center of every decision they made. God’s name is spoken in so many of our original documents. His name is on our money and in our national anthem. Men and women have fought and died for this country. I cannot pinpoint a time frame when it started to change but it has been a slow slippery slope to where we are today. That is how Satan works.

Most of you know I drive the free downtown trolley. I am always encouraged when I see all our veterans wandering downtown, I am one myself and I have noticed a t-shirt that says “I stand for the flag & kneel for the cross.” One day I realized we have it wrong. That shirt should say “I kneel for the cross then stand for the flag.” We have put country above God.

It is not too late, if I focus my eyes on God first then I can make a change to return this country back to “one nation under God.”

Lord, today I pray that my focus is in you first and then I can be an effective servant for You!

Gary Elrod


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