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Get the NOT Out...

Our life is filled with opportunities to look at ourselves and examine who we are. We spend a great deal of time comparing ourselves to the world around us. Unfortunately, there are so many things of the world that have laid out an exaggerated imagine of what it thinks we should be we begin to lose sight of who God made us to be. From social media, to television, commercials, billboards, and just about anywhere we look, we see a perfect example of a perfect individual living the perfect life. The is NOT reality. So, from the moment we see these images or portrayals we begin to compare ourselves to them. This is a very dangerous and tough task. All of a sudden, we begin to tell ourselves that we are NOT something. Whether it is that we are NOT, rich enough, cool enough, pretty enough, smart enough, or just plain good enough to have the blessings of life that God has for us. In Genesis 1:27 we hear that God made us in his own image. The God of the universe did not make himself flawed or messed up, but rather perfect in everyway. Then when describing himself to Moses in Exodus 3:14 he said very simply “I Am”, he did not spend time on the things he was NOT. This I believe is a very important thing for us as well. Quit spending your time telling yourself what you are NOT and begin to focus on what you ARE. A child of God who is entitled to all the rights, privileges, and promises that your Heavenly Father promised in the Bible for you. Shift your mind set today, and focus on who you ARE in Christ.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Brandon

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