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Give an Account

Mathew 12:36 And I tell you this, you must give an account on judgment day for every idle word you speak.


he term idle used in this verse literally means, “words that accomplish nothing.” Warren Wiersbe said, “If God is going to judge our “small talk”, how much more will He judge our deliberate words?

As a Christian, the Lord expects our words to be chosen wisely because there will not only be accountability for them, but there is purpose. Our goal as a Christ follower is to reflect Him and our words have a way of revealing not only what is in our heart, but WHO is in our heart. If we are full of Jesus, we should be saying what He said. Jesus never spoke without an outcome, every word that left His mouth had a direct affect on nature, humanity and the Spirit realm. Our words bless or they curse, but rest assured, we will give an account on how we chose to use them. We have an opportunity to share the gospel that literally saves souls from the grip of sin and death, to speak the truth that frees the captive.

The word of the Lord does not return void, it will surely do it. Isn’t it miraculous that we have a chance to partner with the living God to accomplish His will on earth? I don’t want to squander that opportunity on careless words, let alone words that “accomplished nothing.” When I stand before the King of Kings I want to be found a faithful steward who used my words to glorify Him. That day is coming, and when you look in the eyes of Jesus what kind of account will your life and your words give?

Pastor Natalie Snider


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