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God Sent His Son

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that he GAVE his only son…That statement is hard for our human minds to comprehend, to love something so much that you would give your own son as a sacrifice. This is a big deal, and something we underappreciate at times. I know we all comprehend it intellectually that Jesus came to earth and lived among us for 33+ years but do we see it in regard to God giving a sacrifice to allow us to have a personal relationship with His Son in an even more intimate manner?

God also knew that we needed a Savior who could pay our debt of sin in full, no more separation from the throne of God but rather a connecting peace that allows us the ability to live in His presence. Sending Jesus to earth to take on the weight of the world allows all these things to be possible. It also allowed for Jesus to have time on earth to perform miracles and give us a humanly example of how to live our lives.

As we enter this Easter season, we must understand that the cross, the grave, the miracles, and the sacrifice could not have been made possible if God had not sent His Son. I know as a father this really made me stop and analyze the magnitude of this sacrifice. My children are SO special to me, its hard to think of giving them up for someone who might or might not accept me but doing it just so they could. No guarantees, now that is Love.

So, my prayer for you today is that you take a moment and pause to reflect on the magnitude of sending your Son (Knowing the plan) to be a living sacrifice, so the world has an opportunity to be forgiven of their sins and live with you in Heaven for eternity. Accept that Love today, ask for forgiveness, and live a full and fulfilling life in Christ.

Be Blessed

Pastor Brandon Scott


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