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Once we accept Jesus, we are grafted into Him. Once a tree, bud or vine is grafted it begins to pull the nutrition from what it is grafted to (Word and Prayer). Being grafted we grow stronger and produce a higher and flavorful yield of fruit.

We are being grafted into Him. Once we are grafted, the sacrifices of self (pruning) start to take place. This doesn’t begin immediately it will take time. We must grow from nutrients (His Word and prayer) of the grafted (God) in order for Him to prune the dead/unfruitful branches that do not produce His fruit.

If we don’t pull the nutrients (God’s knowledge through His Word and prayer) and apply/walk it out, take action, live out the nutrients, He will cut us off. We will be destroyed as Hosea 4:6 says.

Living and applying God’s knowledge provides that fulness and fruitful life not for self to eat from but for others that we encounter in our environment so others may eat from and be full. Being full in areas that they are empty is, as well as ourselves. This is difficult for everyone.

Pull nutrients, absorb the nutrients, receive the nutrients so those around you will see God’s fruit, His fulness, His mercy, His grace and above all His love. In return you will be rewarded and your glory but for His glory and their reward.

Graft yourself into God and produce His fruit and allow Him to prove you then grow more abundantly.

Blessings in your walk in Him.

Grayson Norman


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