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Guard Your Lips

He who would love life and see good days, let Him keep his tongue from evil, and his lips from speaking deceit. I Peter 3:10

We must come to understand that each of our thoughts, and even our most intimate conversations with others, are actually prayers we are offering to the Father who sees all things continually and in secret. Our words about one another as well as our words to one another, should carry with them the same sense of reverence as when we speak with God. For He is indeed, listening.

The closer we truly draw to God, the more guilt we shall feel for our unclean words. When the Holy Spirit was revealed at Pentecost, He appeared as flaming tongues of fire. Segments of Christianity have made speaking in “other tongues” a sign of the infilling of the Holy Spirit. The issue shall not be speaking in foreign tongues but flaming tongues—tongues that have been purified by the fire of God, cleansed of faultfinding and criticisms.

Father, come now and touch me with Your tongues of fire and burn away any ungodliness found on my lips. May my words offer support and love to those I encounter today- May they be a shield of protection to those under duress from the enemy. Amen.

Pastor Greg Volich

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