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Honor God's House

We are blessed with an amazing Church at the Sanctuary of Hope. The building, the resources, and location are all amazing. However, these things are not what makes the House of God so special. The very fact that it is a building where we come to worship, praise and learn about our Christian faith is what makes it special. We read of an account in the Bible where Jesus came into the temple and created quite a scene. We can read that account in John 2: 13-22. Why did he do this? As we Examine the passage we see that the main function of the temple had become something other than a worship center. It had become a place that was centered around events that did not bring God the Glory.

As we enter into the House of Worship we have a duty to make sure we are free of distractions, as well as things that are going to prevent us from bringing full Honor to Christ in our worship. As we examine Honoring God’s House we must also bring up the point of reverence within the walls of God’s House. Yes, the Bible tells us to “come as you are” however the Bible also tells us to be a people set apart and to not appear as though we are still in the world. If we have the means, we should present ourselves and our best before the Lord in an attempt to bring honor to his House. As we respect the Sanctuary in which we Worship and Praise, then it allows us an create and environment to freely worship without distractions and without hinderance.

Be Blessed

Pastor Brandon Scott


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