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How Do You Feel?

Are you feeling ok? Oftentimes I hear people say, I don’t feel really great. I say it myself. Have we given Satan too much authority over our body? We are to be a temple! In James 5:6 God said to pray one for another that we may be healed. Not might be. We have authority over the enemy.

Whatever you ask in my name, this will I do. John 14:13

Can you feel the power? We have power in the name of Jesus. We don’t need to feel sad. We don’t need to feel down. We sure don’t need to be sick. I think sometimes we just pray little wimpy prayers and the devil isn’t scared of us. I want him to know who I am! I am a child of a King! Don’t mess with me or my friends! I tell Satan, “Get out of here! Don’t make me have to use the Name of Jesus.” USE THE NAME! You will hear the devil say, “I am out of here!” How do you feel now? Have a blessed day!

Pastor Greg Scott


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