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Humble Beginning

When we pause a moment to examine the beginning of the Christmas Story which as Christians ,we refer to the birth of Jesus, we see humility in every detail of the story. From the town he was from (Nazareth), to the place of his birth (A Manger). Every detail of the story points to anything but the birth of a king or the savior of the World.

The point I want to bring out is one that I think gets missed a lot, that is the fact that Jesus, The Son of God was brought in the world through a natural birth as a normal child would be. In fact, as every child would be, the Son of God was completely and entirely dependent on his mother and father to survive and grow into the man that God had planned for him to be. You can’t humble yourself much more than submitting your life over to someone else. So, from the very beginning God was showing us an example of complete submission by humbling himself to be dependent on his mother and father. As our Heavenly Father, God wants us to submit ourselves to him in the same manner. That is with every area and every aspect of our lives. Humility is hard for a lot of people from the aspect of relying or depending on things or others. The world is filled with a lot of “do it ourselves” type of people. While at times, the confidence in ourselves is not a bad thing, we do however have to find within ourselves to submit humbly before God and acknowledge we make mistakes…we need help in situations…we need the Holy Spirits’ guidance… and we need God’s will in our lives to play out.

Jesus’ Humble beginning on earth sets a stage for us as Christians that we too must humble ourselves. After all, if the Savior of the World, King of Kings, and Son of God can be born from a family of a no name town, be birthed in a barn, submit his Godly power to be raised on Earth, and seek the shepherds to be amongst the first to meet him, then surely we can humble ourselves to submit to the Lord God Almighty.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Brandon


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