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Jesus is...Mighty God

What a mighty God we serve

Angels bow before Him

Heaven and earth adore Him

What a mighty God we serve

I can remember in children’s church as a child singing this song to the top of my lungs. I can remember how excited I was to be singing to the one and only God. Knowing that the God I was worshiping spoke the whole world into existence. The one who spoke life into me and gave me the opportunity to praise Him in return.

As a child knowing I am on the winning side brought a peace. It still brings a peace to me today. That no matter what happens, I will have the opportunity when this life is over to be on my face before my Mighty God. It brings me to a place where fear has no hold on me, I can be standing across the field from my Goliath, but I serve a God who can bring down the biggest enemy with a little stone. What man sees as impossible my God can do, all I have to do is just bring my little stone. You might say all I have to do is bring my little stone, my little sling and God can take what little I have and bring down the strongest of enemies. Because I serve a Mighty God.

Pastor Benaiah Snider


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