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Jesus the Living Water

Jeremiah 2:13 “For My people have committed two evils: They have abandoned Me,

The fountain of living waters, to carve out for themselves cisterns, Broken cisterns

that do not hold water.”

In ancient Israel, water was a lot of work, but a fountain of living waters brought it right to you. Why then would the Israelites choose to carve out cisterns of water instead of abandoning the fountain of living waters?

When we are walking out our faith it is far too easy to get off course with the choices we make and the enemy will always make the path to destruction seem better in some way.

I’m sure the Israelites decided that it would be a good idea to store water in these man-made cisterns. The idea was to catch rainwater to have reserves. I can understand the practical application of this is good, but there are flaws. The water gets stagnant and stale and because the cisterns are man-made, they do not last, they get old and break. Simply put, the cistern was man’s plan, not God’s.

The Lord in His divine plan has made Himself available to us at all times. We only need to go to Him, seek Him, the source of living waters that never runs dry and is always refreshing. He has made access to Him, access to living waters, because He knew that we would need continual refilling and refreshing in our daily lives. Let’s hold fast to the One who is our source for everything.

Pastor Emily Christenson


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