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Just Talking (Part 1)

I was recently reading a magazine that had a large number of baby pictures. They were so cute and extremely special. Our pastors do a good job of showing the church family how much they care about the future generation. We have a pastor that absolutely loves babies. He likes to carry them around, tell stories about his grandkids and even his “adult” children.

While reading the magazine, the Holy Spirit said, “Isn’t it a wonderful way to be bold and seize the opportunity?” Children-all ages- give people an opportunity to point people to Jesus. A parent could turn almost any conversation to Jesus. For example, you have a newborn and that gives you the opportunity to talk about God’s creation (wonderfully made). You can share about the Peace God gives when you are up walking the baby or to share with another parent how God heals. You can tell other parents how Jesus has made a difference in how you faced certain problems. There is no stage in the life of a parent, male or female, that you can’t find a way to say, “Do you know my Jesus?”

We all talk about stuff- not just parents! I have been known to be a “chatterbox” at times. Why is it easy to talk about sports, work and children with a total stranger and not bring up our faith? If you read the New Testament, you discover that Peter and Paul had no problem sharing their faith. Even Jesus said we need to give glory to the Father.

God opens doors and all we have to do is enter in! We don’t have to be a minister, a Sunday School work; we all should be able to proclaim Jesus is the center of my life. All God requires is a “boldness” on our part; we need to pray, “open my eyes to see what needs to be seen today; open my ears to hear; open my mind to receive and let my heart be guided by the Holy Spirit.” Then, in faith and trust, take the step to be a “doer and a “giver”.

Sharon White


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