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Just Talking (Part 2)

I always go back to my past when it comes to talking about church. I knew about “brush arbors”, revivals that lasted weeks-even months but not by personal knowledge. My experience came when some Baptist women collected some unchurched kids and took them to church. Boy, I loved it because they noticed me and gave me encouraging words. Later, I would walk about six blocks in my regular Sunday dress, patent leather shoes, small testament, coins in my pocket for offering and knew my memory verse. Later, VBS was added finally “big church”. I attended by myself but I was drawn to the man called Jesus and baptism followed.

We all have a story to tell if raised in church. In those days, a family would be involved in everything. Men would meet and do good deeds, women would have crafts, call on the sick, cook, etc. Everyone had some form of ministry and it was just fun to be in the House. You came every time the door was open. Parents didn’t worry about school the next day or homework being done. Men and women still got up early for work without complaint! You did your business on Saturday because Sunday was sacred!

Today isn’t yesterday, parents work two jobs, sports happen on Sunday; even retirees find other stuff that needs done and socialize even less. Finding people to organize, dust, finance, provide transportation and pray are hard to find. We turn “inward” and guard the weekend. Doesn’t look like there’s a “barn raising” or a potluck in the future! Church family travel quite a distance in our church, even the pastor and his wife, but those who come have a good time!

We are coming to the “end of the Gentile” era. Now is the time to witness, mentor, disciple, evangelize or just be bold “one to one”. One parent to another, one elder to a young person or one woman helping a young family. We need to be the best witness, the best storyteller, the best lover of Jesus! How else will we see the prodigal come home, the stranger introduced to Jesus or the friend or co-worker find Christ? Don’t let a door shut because you refused to be bold and come out of your comfort zone! Don’t let stuff keep you out of God’s house! Someone needs you, so locate and be a friend. Seize the opportunity and be BOLD about it!!!!!!!

Sharon White


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