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Keeping a Proper Perspective on Freedom

Let me start by saying that I am proud to be an American. Although the United States has problems that it needs to deal with, it is still the best place in the world to live. Our forefathers founded a country that has been rightly called “The last, best hope on earth.” Many lies have been told recently to convince people that the founding fathers were bigots, thieves, liars and murderers. However, this was not the case. They lived and died focused on one idea: FREEDOM. But the question should be asked: What did freedom mean to the Founding Fathers?

In today’s world, the Devil has counterfeited the word freedom to mean something that our founders would not have recognized and certainly would not have tolerated or died for. Freedom to many modern Americans means a life with very few boundaries. People who have expectations of productivity, wholesome living, moral standards and public service are viewed as ‘old fashioned.’ Any mention of serving Christ will cause many in our society to view us as close-minded and to then attack us. The modern idea of freedom is synonymous with one word: tolerance. Be quiet and let me do what I want.

If one reads the diaries and journals of the founding fathers (and as a historian, I have) one quickly sees that their idea of freedom could be replaced by the word opportunity. They wanted to establish a land where people had the opportunity to serve God, live good lives, be productive and help others. This was to be a land based on God’s principles and the promise that they could pursue His wishes for their lives free from persecution or unnecessary governmental intervention.

Now more than ever, Stand up for these ideals! Argue the cause. Fight for the dream. Persevere! There is a reason why the Devil so strongly wants to destroy America. His counterfeit concept of freedom leads to nothing but death and bondage. We must resist or our society has nowhere to go but down.

“And having done all to stand, STAND!”

Pastor Ed Brewer


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