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Lessons I've Learned

Ecclesiastes 9:10 Whatever you hand finds to do, do it with all your might….

When moving to a new area, I can say that one of the first things my husband and I would seek out would be a full gospel church. Wanting to get involved and feeling a part of a church, we’ve always gone by the theory to “find a need and fill it~. I don’t mean that every time we moved to a new area that within a week we started offering our services. No, we waited until we proved ourselves to be faithful in attendance, our tithes and in general accountability.

I remember early on when my children were little and the church was a church plant, it was hard to keep the small children occupied. So, I asked the Pastor if I could start a Children’s church. Now that was pretty interesting because neither the Pastor nor I had ever heard of a children’s church. So, the plan was developed. Before long we had more children coming than we had adults. It was a God idea…not ours. Moms and Dads that didn’t attend church were more than thrilled to have free baby-sitting for a couple of hours. Then my husband started driving a newly acquired church bus to accommodate this new ministry.

We moved again and this time to a different state. After being in the church awhile I could see the church needed some cleaning done. So again, I asked permission from the Pastor if it would be alright if I came once a week and cleaned the church. Well he said, “Bro Williams cleans the sanctuary, but if you don’t mind cleaning the bathrooms and S.S. rooms that would be so much appreciated”. So, I did it with all my might. Later both my husband and I moved up to kitchen work for dinners and church holiday banquets.

The next move after establishing ourselves as being faithful, I noticed there was so much clutter I asked the Pastor if he would mind if I cleaned out the clutter from any room not connected to the sanctuary. Again, I was given permission. (I did check first to make sure I wasn’t destroying someone’s sacred cow before it hit the dumpster). I just feel every room in God’s house needs to be in pristine condition.

Another move was at a church where this one recognized all first-time attendees. After establishing ourselves again, we begin to welcome the first timers that indicated they wanted to make this their church home. We either invited them to our house for a meal or offered to take them out for dinner. I feel it’s important to make people feel a part of the church family. And oh, what wonderful friends we have made.

So for example in lessons learned, if you have a talent to play the keyboard and the church already has a keyboardist, and you know this church is where you are to be…don’t sit around and wait for the keyboardist to “leave, get sick or move on” look for a need and fill it. You may find God has gifted you in a totally different area and both you and the church body will be blessed. At least it has worked for my husband and I.

Edythe Stewart


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